Olympic Linen & Laundry Service
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Hospitality Division
Olympic Linen Service provides unsurpassed linen and laundry service to the Philadelphia region’s top Hotels. Our Laundry Service is superior to our competitors. We cut no corners and only use state-of-the-art equipment. You can depend on us to be the critical link in your business and a partner in your success seven days a week.

Olympic Linen has a state-of-the art web-based management system.

Olympic Linen is now servicing New York City for hospitality division.

Food & Beverage
We offer two programs at Olympic Linen Service.

Olympic Linen Rental Program: We rent our linens to you and launder them.

Olympic Customer Owned Goods (COG) Program: We pick up and launder your goods.

No matter if you buy Regal, Milliken, Frette, Fili D’oro or Garnier Thiebaut our expertise in cleaning and caring for your linens is unsurpassed in our industry. You can trust your investment with Olympic Linen Service.

We offer on-time, 24-hour turn-around delivery. Twice-a-day delivery is available if requested. Olympic Linen Service keeps very strict rules on servicing your goods separate from other client’s goods. Our standards for washing, coupled with our state-of-the art machinery, reflect our commitment to the best quality service available.

We take the extra step in quality control by making the best effort to reduce fabric stains. As an extra service we can test your fabric to make sure the quality of your investment is present.

Useful Information: I Got the High Thread Count-Blues! by Sam Garofalo

Emergency Service
Unexpected situations can cripple your operations. Be it a power outage, machine breakdown, or staff shortage, you can rely on Olympic Linen to provide the support you need to keep your business running smoothly. Call us, and we’ll be there. Surcharges apply.

Member of The Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association.